Ten Reason to Establish a Fund with The Community Foundation for McHenry County

Establishing your own named charitable giving fund is simple and rewarding. The Foundation holds a family of funds ranging in size and shape – all of which support charitable organizations in achieving their philanthropic goals and from which great charitable and community benefit is derived annually.

  1. Efficiency and Convenience
  2. A fund is a simple, effective way to put charitable assets to work and an affordable alternative to operating a private foundation. The Foundation handles the administrative, accounting, audit, legal and reporting requirements.

  3. Professional Investment Management
  4. Due diligence is performed through The Foundation’s investment managers to preserve the investment structure of your philanthropic assets.

  5. Recognition or Anonymity
  6. You can choose the name of your fund and receive recognition when grants are made in its name, or you may remain anonymous.

  7. Service and Scope
  8. You receive individualized service to help you achieve your personal charitable goals, or those of your organization and agency. Funds at The Foundation can be as broad or as focused in scope as donors wish.

  9. Tax Advantages
  10. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, so your gift qualifies for maximum deductions. You do not pay taxes on investment earnings from the fund.

  11. Your Legacy
  12. Your gift will support causes you care about most – now and forever. Should community issues you wish to address now become resolved in the future, The Foundation will preserve the integrity of the original donor intent and redirect grants to fund similar causes.

  13. Accountability
  14. The Foundation’s investment policy and annual independent audit are available for review.

  15. Online Presence
  16. Your fund is listed on www.thecfmc.org, enabling you and others to give directly online.

  17. Local Expertise
  18. The Foundation has a knowledgeable staff that has built strong relationships with community leaders and charitable organizations across McHenry County. This means informed grant making for greater impact – not just checks out the door.

  19. Community Impact
  20. The Foundation serves many donors and therefore has unique opportunities to leverage common interests and pool resources for gifts that have meaningful and lasting impact in our region.


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Ten reasons to establish a fund with The Community Foundation for McHenry County.

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