Charitable Giving Fund Guide

Agency Fund

This fund is established by a charitable organization to provide a vehicle for donors to create endowments for long-term support of the agency. It allows the organization to focus on its mission rather than spend time identifying and supervising investment managers. The fund also helps charitable organizations with gift planning and building of endowments to ensure their long-term sustainability.

Donor-Advised Fund

This fund allows you to make a charitable contribution, qualify for an immediate tax benefit and then recommend grants to charitable organizations from your fund over time.

Scholarship Fund

The Community Foundation for McHenry County offers scholarships to students seeking to advance their education. Each Scholarship Fund was created by members of the McHenry County community and designated for a certain cause, school or region.

Designated Fund

This fund is established by a donor as a restricted endowment fund held by The Foundation to specifically support charitable organizations or programs. The principal remains intact so it can grow over time, granting out (or reinvesting) the interest earned.

Field-of-Interest Fund

This fund supports a specific area of interest that you define. Once you identify the area of charitable interest – which can be as broad or narrow as you choose – The Foundation will evaluate the organizations that do the best work in that area and make grants to the organization(s) that best fit your interest. This is an excellent option for donors who wish to leave a legacy through an estate gift or bequest.