The Community Foundation for McHenry County Awards 2023 Transformational Grants to Three Charitable Organizations Totaling $148,500. 

The Community Foundation for McHenry County is celebrating the third year of their Transformational Grant program, which offers grant funding to support groundbreaking programs, provide innovative services and be a source of positive change in McHenry County.

“We are so grateful for the generous support of our donors who have made the Transformational Grant program possible. The agencies being awarded these grants are deeply rooted in our community and committed to making a difference in McHenry County,” said Deborah Thielen, Executive Director, The Community Foundation for McHenry County.

This year’s grant recipients are:

Harvard Community Senior Center

Harvard Community Senior Center received an award of $75,000 for their project: Reducing Health Disparities through Cultivating Health Ministries. This is the third year of Transformational Grant funding for this project which has received a total of $207,000. This year’s funding will be used to expand the number of new health ministry’s working to reduce health disparities for older adults and Latinx populations by providing access to screenings, education, support and community care through churches across the county.

“The Cultivating Health Ministries Program is truly innovative due to our collaborative approach in the prevention of diabetes and its complications. Our program facilitates connections to community resources in the faith-based communities we serve, transforming ways of living; empowering our most vulnerable populations and decreasing health disparities,” said Elizabeth Rios, APRN, Project Director, Cultivating Health Ministries.

One Million Monarchs

One Million Monarchs received an award of $60,800 for their project: Supporting Grieving Teens in McHenry County. The mission of One Million Monarchs is to provide a safe space for grieving teens to heal following the loss of a parent, sibling or close friend. This grant will expand counseling services, group and parental support groups and grief retreats.

“After losing my own mother at the age of 16, I knew from experience that grief support for teens was lacking. Grief during my teen years left me feeling isolated and misunderstood by those around me. It is my hope that by building a community of support for grieving teens, that they may learn healthy coping skills and feel understood and supported throughout their grief journey,” said Stacey Sassine, Founder and President, One Million Monarchs.

The Land Conservancy of McHenry County

The Land Conservancy of McHenry County received an award of $70,800 for their project: Raices Latinas: Agriculture in McHenry County. The goal of this program is to bring residents of McHenry County together to learn about and celebrate the contributions of the Latinx community in shaping our rich agricultural history.

“The impact we hope to have in McHenry County is for all of our cultures to embrace the richness of the contributions the Latinx community has brought and continues to bring to our residents, businesses and education institutions as well as the acceptance of our blended and similar family values, work ethic and increase mutual respect as well as collaboration with one another,” said Dr. Maggie Rivera, President/CEO, Illinois Migrant Council.